KU Libraries acquire institutional license to web-based systematic review program

The University of Kansas Libraries have acquired a one-year institutional license to Covidence, a web-based systematic review software. KU Libraries’ license will allow researchers with a KU or KU Medical Center email address to use Covidence through KU’s Covidence account free of charge for a year rather than paying per review.

For researchers conducting a systematic review to synthesize prior research, Covidence helps organize the project and streamline the systematic review process. It enables teams, including non-KU members, to collaborate on all phases of a project. 

“An ongoing review project has been challenging to complete due to collaborators in different locations around the world and the complexities of organizing and tracking,” said Deanna Hanson-Abromeit, associate professor of music therapy and music education. “Covidence has enabled simplification and ease in progress and management of this review project, moving it forward much more quickly.”

Michael Peper, head of the Center for Faculty & Staff Initiatives and Engagement at KU Libraries, said that Covidence reduces the time spent on reviews and ensures researchers can focus on the content rather than the management of information. 

“We have observed that those who use Covidence complete their projects at a higher rate than those who do not,” Peper said. “It walks people through the process and takes some of the management work out of it to allow them to focus on what they’re really trying to do.”

Projects need to begin during the license period, but the project may continue beyond this year without additional cost. Beyond the first year, KU Libraries hope to build a shared-funding model by partnering with departments and schools across campus to continue to provide this service in the future.

“This is a really nice service and we think it really helps people,” Peper said. “We would like to be part of the group that pays for Covidence, but we need partners to contribute to its funding going forward.”

Researchers are encouraged to contact KU Libraries’ systematic review service for a consultation or for research partnership. For more information about Covidence at KU, please contact the Libraries’ systematic review team.