Community Access Workstations

The KU Libraries are committed to serving the research needs of the general public and affiliated KU community users.  The following procedures govern the use of community access workstations in the University Libraries by visitors.


Note:  Use of the Library Catalog look-up workstations is not restricted.  Visitors may determine KU holdings without using the reservation system described below.


  • Community access workstations - that are configured to allow use by any visitor to the KU Libraries - are located in most library locations.
  • Workstation time limits must be adhered to in order to aid in the equitable distribution of computing resources.
  • Users will be issued a reservation ticket for logging onto the computer.
  • The reservation ticket provides 60 consecutive minutes of workstation use. The total time limit on use of community access workstations is one hour per day.
  • All limits apply whether another user is waiting or not.  However, at the discretion of the supervisor on duty, these limits can be extended for legitimate research needs (based on availability).
  • Wait time for a computer will vary, depending on the number of visitors who need to access workstations.
  • Visitors must pre-register at the circulation desk in order to use these workstations.  The desk supervisor will issue reservation tickets and record the first and last name on a simple log to ensure users are not exploiting shift changes to gain more sessions.
  • Users will be issued a reservation ticket for logging onto the computer.
  • The 60-minute sessions cannot be paused; therefore, visitors who need to do research in print (non-electronic) resources are advised to do so before requesting their reserved computer time or before logging on to use their reserved time.
  • Visitors who need to save documents are encouraged to bring a flash drive.
  • For information about printing, see Scanning and Printing for Visitors to KU Libraries.