New Database Trials

The Lawrence and Edwards campuses of the University of Kansas now have trial online access to the following databases. These trials are available on a temporary basis only. KU Libraries will make a decision about subscribing to this electronic resource based on interest, cost, and usability.

To view permanent additions and changes to databases available at KU, see New and Updated Databases.

Please send your feedback, evaluation, comments, and questions to the email listed with each resource below. For access problems, please email


    Kamakura ibun 鎌倉遺文/ Kokushi taikei 国史大系/ Tennō kōzoku jitsuroku 天皇・皇族実録/ Shiryō sanshū 史料纂集

    • Trial expires: May 12th 2023
    • Feedback: Ito, Michiko,