KU Libraries Instruction Room Use Policy


The library instruction rooms in Watson and Anschutz Libraries are intended to provide library personnel with teaching facilities for student, faculty, staff, and community learning. They are not intended to accommodate semester-long (16-week) courses, nor are they available to be used as classrooms by faculty outside of the library (i.e., without course-related involvement by librarians or library staff). Use of the classrooms is scheduled each semester according to priority of use (see list below) within the aims of the libraries’ instructional programming:

  1. Library and technology based classes, workshops, or seminars
  2. KU course-related library instruction sessions taught by or with a librarian or technology trainer
  3. Library staff instruction, training and development programs or workshops
  4. Other college and university course-related instruction sessions focused on library resources and coordinated through the KU Libraries instructional programming
  5. University of Kansas short courses, institutes, workshops and seminars focused on use of our resources and taught by or with other KU faculty
  6. Other groups when appropriate

Bumping Rights

When a room is needed for library, technology, or course-related instruction, those who have reserved it for activities 3-6 may be asked to relocate elsewhere (with no fewer than seven days’ notice). This decision will be made by the Director of Public Operations in consultation with the Associate Deans of Cataloging and Access Services.

Non-Library Requests

As library instruction requests cannot be predicted, non-library events, classes, or sessions are not normally scheduled in these rooms. Other requests for the use of these rooms from the KU faculty and administration will be accommodated when possible, but will not be scheduled more than 14 days before an event during the semester. Rooms are scheduled only when the Libraries are open.

All requests for the approval of non-library sponsored events should be directed to liblabreserve@ku.edu. Final approval for such requests will be determined by the Director of Operations in consultation with the Associate Deans of Cataloging and Access Services.

Peak Use Periods

Typically, during the first six weeks of the fall and spring semesters, library and technology instruction is at its peak. During these times, access to the labs will be closely monitored in order to accommodate these activities.

Library Instruction Rooms

Clark Instruction Center, Watson Library (CIC)

The CIC is an active learning classroom equipped with flexible furniture, laptops, large monitors, whiteboards, and an instructor workstation. Because this room is designed to allow students to learn by doing, sessions that include hands-on work will be given priority. Other sessions should be scheduled in alternate spaces. Groups of 20 or more will be given priority use of this room.  Maximum room capacity: 50

Anschutz Instruction Center, Anschutz Library Room 321

Located near the entrance and service desk, the Anschutz Instruction Center is an active learning classroom. The room design features three large monitors, whiteboards and flexible furniture for student-centered, collaborative learning. This space is not equipped with computers but the instruction workstation and AV setup are optimized for zoom/hybrid instruction. Laptops are available by request. Maximum room capacity: 20

Music & Dance Library, Seminar Room 240A

Large seminar room with many small tables and chairs that can be re-arranged. Projector with PC and laptop adapter cables. Full sound system including radio, vinyl player, CD player, VHS player, and DVD player. Also includes and upright piano, white board, and chalk board with staves. Priority will be given to Faculty and Staff use. Maximum room capacity: 40

Spencer Research Library Instruction Rooms

Instructors who wish to use Spencer Library collections and services for their classes may apply to use one of the Library's three instruction rooms, for semester-long or single-session use. Please see Spencer Research Library Classes and Tours for more information

Other Labs (non-library)

(Reservable at Campus Computer Labs)


Laptops are available for checkout at our information desks. This is an option when trying to accommodate classes that exceed the lab’s workstation availability, or when a lab environment is not available. NOTE: Contact Christen Caton (ccaton@ku.edu; 864-1330) or Morgan Smith (mpsmith@ku.edu, 864-1080) with at least 10 days’ notice, to reserve laptops for instruction.


Library faculty and staff may reserve the Anschutz Instruction Center and the Clark Instruction Center on the LibCal reservation system.

NOTE on Lead setup time/ Lag breakdown time: Please try to avoid scheduling setup or breakdown times. If it is necessary to schedule setup and breakdown times, end the session on the hour or half-hour.

Scheduling workshops that are advertised on the IT calendar

If the workshop is to be held in the Anschutz Instruction Center or CIC, please first reserve the room in LibCal then follow the procedures to schedule at Campus Computer Labs

If you have questions, please contact liblabreserve@ku.edu.

Equipment and Software

If you need additional or special software installed in any room, please contact Jeromy Horkman (jhorkman@ku.edu, 864-8948) as soon as possible.

Policy Review

The Library Instruction Room Use Policy will be reviewed annually.