Save For Later

This video demonstrates different ways to save your research, so you can save time later and not repeat your previous searches.  

When doing research for a paper or project, you will probably be using multiple sources from multiple journals or books and keeping track of these different sources can be cumbersome and time consuming.  However, the Library databases offer tools that make managing sources easier.  Save time and avoid repeating searches that you may have done days or weeks prior by saving valuable articles as you find them.  


When a full text article is available, use the database’s toolbar to download and save it to your computer or a flash drive as a PDF for use later. You can also use the database’s toolbar to email these articles to yourself.  But beware: copying and pasting URLs will not always take you back to your search results.  Remember to always use the tools provided by the database when saving and emailing articles and search results for future use.   


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