Phrase Searching

This video examines the pitfalls of phrase-searching and an easy solution.

Have you tried searching for a term and are not getting the results you want? Consider restricting your search by phrase searching. When searching for phrases, it is best to put them INSIDE of quotation marks. This way, your search will include only those results with your phrase, with the words in the order for which you searched. For example, if you are searching for North Korean cinema, not including quotation marks will result in articles that include North Korea as viewed through the lens of South Korean cinema or discussions of Korean cinema as a whole. Perhaps those results might be useful for your research; however, if you are looking explicitly for articles or books about North Korean cinema, it is most effective to search for your phrase using quotation marks. As with all searches, you may want to try multiple iterations to see how your results differ. So remember, if you’re looking for a more narrowed, specific search, try using quotation marks around two or more words to bring only those results which include your words in the order in which you searched. If you have any further questions, click the Ask A Librarian button on the homepage for help.