Get Full Text

This video shows how to locate full-text articles, which can speed up your research timeline.   

In the course of your research, you will probably be searching various databases for articles to use. When doing so, you may notice a button that says “Get full text” which means the full text of the article is available in the database you’re searching. If you don’t see the words get full text, click GET AT KU. This means that the Library’s collection of holdings has been searched and a full version of the article is available in a database to which you will be directed; you can access the article through the Web or download it as a PDF. This process also works with Google Scholar if you go through the library’s databases. If the article isn’t found, this will begin the interlibrary loan process whereby materials are delivered electronically or physically, but requires some time to process. If you only want search results that are immediately accessible, you can also limit your results to only those that are full text by selecting FULL TEXT ONLINE under the Show Only column. If you have any further questions, click the Ask A Librarian button on the homepage for help.