Past Collaborations

Assistant Professor in Jewish Studies, Rami Zeedan, sits at a table with Michael Peper, the Head of the Center for Faculty & Staff Initiatives & Engagement, and Samantha Bishop-Simmons, Humanities Librarian
  • Tamara Falicov, Professor, Department of Film and Media Studies

    • This assignment was developed for a cross-listed Film & Media Studies and Latin American and Caribbean Studies course called "Cinema of the Southern Cone," but can be adapted to any subject area. It is intended to be assigned to students prior to an in-person library instruction session led by a librarian. The assignment asks students to describe their topic and its connection to the course content, complete some preliminary searching for sources, and reflect on the search process and credibility of the information they found. 

  • Dave Tell, Professor, Communication Studies

    • Created a website and smartphone app that uses GPS and Google’s Field Trip app that allows users to see and hear facts of the case and stories from witnesses as the user explores the places where Till’s case played out

  • Meggie Mapes, Introductory Course Director, Department of Communication Studies

    • These assignments were developed for Communication Studies (COMS) 496: Capstone in Digital Rhetoric, but can be adapted to any subject area. The first is a discussion guide meant to introduce students to the concept of a scholarly conversation. It is also used to introduce the final assignment, a mini-literature review, for the class. The second is a reading log that is intended to be completed for each assigned reading for the class.

  • Sara Gregg, History & Environmental Studies

    • Created two interactive ArcGIS maps to document the legislative history of the Homestead Act, including the history of Indigenous People’s dispossession and the expansion of the nation-state, to bring homesteaders to the classroom

  • Joshua Miner, Assistant Professor, Department of Film and Media Studies

    • This assignment was developed for a cross-listed Film & Media Studies and Indigenous Studies course called Indigenous Film & Media (FMS302/702). This is a group project that asks students to reconcile visual and rhetorical messages within a discipline by creating an original meme which is situated in a relevant socio-historical context. 

  • Alison Olcott, Associate Professor, Geography

    • Designed online laboratory modules for Geology 121 that incorporate information literacy, data management and data literacy; wrote learning outcomes with assessment connected to each module.

  • Julie Hartness, Director, Business School Experience

    • This module introduces BUS 120 students to the BEAM analysis for organizing information. Students in BUS 120 complete a case study about a local business that culminates in a presentation of a marketing plan for that business. 

  • Peter Bobkowski, Associate Professor, Journalism

    • Wrote an open textbook to support Journalism 302: Infomania and redesigned the course to align with new course materials.

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